cylinder 头



您可以’t have an engine without a cylinder 头 and it’打开引擎盖(在某些情况下是行李箱)时,通常会看到第一件事。这就是为什么我认为’重要的是要知道它的确切含义和对引擎的影响!所以请继续关注-




它最重要的工作之一是在气缸内吸入空气和燃料,同时消除废气。当然,我们知道汽车需要某种类型的燃料才能发挥作用,因此头部有助于进气,并确保进气和排气能够正确通过。 排气歧管。

它的另一个重要工作是引导 冷却液 对于发动机缸体来说,众所周知,这对调节发动机温度非常重要。

There are a couple of types of cylinder 头s but all perform very similarly.


平头 – which was the first type of 头 on a car and because of that, do not perform well compared to the others. They still protect the cylinder block, but don’t allow for 高效气流 像其他人一样。

进气开销 –这是从扁平头开始的一步,因为它’s the first to have the valves positioned in the 头. The exhaust valves are in the block & the intake valves are in the 头.

顶置阀 – This type of 头 was the first to have the intake and exhaust valves in the cylinder 头. Also, the 凸轮轴 位于块中。

顶置凸轮轴 – This type is very similar to the overhead valve because the valves are still position in the 头. However, the 凸轮轴 (s) are positioned above the valves so they can be activated directly.  Now, the 凸轮轴 is 连接到曲轴 by the timing belt. This is the most popular type of 头 nowadays since it performs better &操作比其他操作更顺畅。

Heads can crack which is going to be a nightmare to replace. Not only are they expensive, but depending on where your 头s are located, can take a lot of time to replace.

如果您的引擎保持正确 保持 though, you should never have a problem with a cylinder 头! Happy driving and #motorwithconfidence



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